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City of Winnipeg

Embrace the Spirit - Vivez L'espirit

One Great City
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This community is for residents, former residents, and visitors of the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and its surrounding areas. The purpose is for people to share information about events, cool places to visit, fun things to do, cool people to meet, and any thing else about Winnipeg and surrounding areas.

i)This community is meant to be a friendly environment. All we ask is that you treat everyone else with the respect with which you wish to be treated. Derogatory or offensive posts and comments will be deleted and possible ejection from the community could result. Any problems should be reported to the moderators.

ii)Concert posters and advertisements (including those for other LJ communites) are more than welcome, but please, for the sake of those who don't care to view the artwork on their friend's list please put them behind a cut. If you don't you're out, no questions asked, you should have read the rules sucka.

iii) PLEASE avoid typing like an opinionated teenager. Typing like u denno wut u r seying will get you out of the community in a hurry.

iv)We reserve the right to make up rules as we go.